The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all applicants of and current holders of Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) complete a physical examination at application and every two years. This determines if the individual is capable of operating a commercial vehicle and is for the safety of both the individual and others on the road. There are some requirements that an individual must meet. These include:

  • Your vision must be 20/40 in each eye and with both eyes combined, with or without correction.
  • You must be able to determine the difference between the colors of traffic lights.
  • You should be able to hear a forced whisper at a distance of at least 5 feet.
  • You cannot have blood pressure over 160/100.
  • Your blood sugar must be no higher than 200.
  • You cannot be using habit forming drugs, amphetamines or narcotics.
  • If you have a cardiac problem, such as heart failure, you need to have passed a stress test with a note from the physician stating you have no driving restrictions.

AccessMD Urgent Care performs DOT physicals in all of our care centers. An appointment is never needed and we always accept walk-ins. Our office hours are convenient and include night and weekends, often longer than a traditional doctors office.

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