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Clinical Research

Why DOC Clinical Research

AccessMD is working with it's parent company, Dayton Outpatient Center (DOC), and their highly experienced clinical research team where patient safety is the primary concern. Our reputation for excellence is built upon the contributions of our many patient volunteers which have allowed us to successfully complete over 100 trials.

We offer professional, medical settings within our urgent care centers with private exam rooms and a dedicated research staff with medical backgrounds and a passion for research. Our research doctors are Board Certified in Family Medicine and take time to personally meet with the research patients throughout the study. We have successfully completed over 100 trials for a variety of different diseases and conditions. Our patient volunteers choose DOC Clinical Research because our attentive doctors provide consistent, comprehensive medical care.

The Participating Process

1.) Recruiting

Our Recruiting team specializes in finding studies that are right for you. During the recruiting phone call, we will gather health information, explain different study opportunities, and provide the necessary information to help you make an educated decision about study participation. Recruiters will use the initial information gathered to qualify you to screen for a current study, and to contact you about future opportunities.

2.) Screening

Before you can participate in a study, you must come in for a screening appointment to verify that you qualify for a study. Your screening appointment will last about 2-3 hours. You will read the informed consent, go over your healthy history, have your blood drawn, give a urine sample, and receive a physical examination. It will take approximately 2-3 days for your results, depending on study requirements. The information and lab values collected at screening will determine if you are eligible for the study you are interested in. If you do not qualify, we will check your eligibility for one of our other studies. At your screening appointment you will also have the opportunity to speak with our Clinicians to ensure all of your questions have been answered.

After your screening appointment, you will receive a call to inform you of your qualification status. If you qualify, we will confirm your appointment dates and inform you of any necessary restrictions. As part of the study procedures, you will be monitored on a regular basis. This may be done by taking blood and urine samples and by blood pressure, temperature and ECG (electrical heart tracing) measurements, depending on each study’s requirements. The studies are supervised at all times by fully trained doctors and nurses

Each trial requires a different group of volunteers. Factors that will be taken into account when assessing a volunteer’s suitability for a specific study may include age, sex, height, weight, medical history, medications history and smoking status.

Full information regarding each study is made available, and there is also an Informed Consent document for discussion before participants enter a study.

In recognition of the value of your time, we provide a stipend on completion of all studies. If at any time you wish to withdraw from a study, you will be compensated for the portion of the study you completed.

For more information please contact DOC Clinical Research.

Address: 1010 Woodman Dr. #210, Dayton, OH 45432
Phone: 937.252.0118
Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm