Jinesh Patel, PA

Meet Jinesh Patel, a dedicated Physician Associate with six years of experience in the healthcare industry. For the past three years, he has been a clinical lead provider at AccessMD Urgent Care, where he plays a crucial role in monitoring patient care, devising treatment plans, and training new providers. Jinesh firmly believes in the value of every individual’s life, and his commitment to evidence-based medicine reflects in the meticulous care he provides each day.

Jinesh holds a Bachelor’s degree in health sciences from The Ohio State University, a Master’s degree from the University of Dayton, and recently earned his Doctorate degree in Medical Science from the University of Lynchburg.

Beyond his professional life, Jinesh finds joy in spending quality time with friends and family. He is passionate about holistic wellness and encourages his patients to embrace alternative medicine alongside allopathic treatments for comprehensive health and well-being.

With his expertise and compassionate approach to patient care, Jinesh Patel is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.

Jeffrey Kiser, PA

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Domenic Bermudez, PA

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Susamma Pappachan, FNP

Meet, Susamma (Susan) Pappachan, FNP, a dedicated Certified Nurse Practitioner offering care to both adults and children. Graduating from Xavier University, Cincinnati, with a master’s degree in 2015, she embarked on her journey as a nurse practitioner in 2016, specializing in Urgent Care and Family Practice. Her affiliation with AccessMD Urgent Care began in 2018. Susan’s unwavering commitment resides in providing equal, compassionate, respectful, and kind care to all her patients. She firmly believes that fostering a robust patient-provider relationship is paramount to delivering the utmost medical care possible for every individual.


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